Ithaca Bat Control Services

Managing Multiple Species of Bats Tompkins County

If there are bats in your home, prompt action is important. Bats can endanger the health and safety of your family, so professional intervention is crucial. Wildlife Resolutions can help!

New York is home to nine species of bats:

  • Big brown bat 
  • Little brown bat 
  • Northern long-eared bat 
  • Eastern small-footed bat 
  • Eastern pipistrelle 
  • Indiana bat 
  • Red bat 
  • Hoary bat 
  • Silver-haired bat 

In central New York, only four of these species are found living in manmade structures (big brown bat, little brown bat, northern long eared, and occasionally the eastern small footed). The big brown bat is the most common bat found living is man-made structures. The little brown bat, northern long-eared, and eastern small-footed have been found inhabiting buildings, but due to their declining population, we do not find many. 

Because bats inhabit buildings, they are often classified as a pest. The most common complaints we receive are: 

  • Bat in the bedroom 
  • Bat flying around the living space 
  • Bats living in the attic, soffit, or chimney 
  • Observed bats exiting the building 
  • Strange odor or noise

Do You Have a Colony of Bats in Your Home? 

It’s not uncommon to have a bat inside your home during the mid to late summer. Having a bat inside your home does not always mean you have a colony of bats living in your home. 

Questions to ask yourself include: 

  • Is this the first time you’ve had a bat inside your home? If not, how often do you have bats inside? 
  • Have you observed any bats flying out of your home? 
  • What time of year are you seeing the bats inside your home? 

If you are seeing bats in late July through September…

Juvenile bats often find their way into homes during this time period. Frequency of occurrence often tells us if you have a colony of bats or not. 

If you are seeing bats in February through May…

Bats will hibernate in your home during the colder months. Often, we find bats inside houses during this time period if they are hibernating inside your home. Before going into a state of torpor, bats will build up a fat reserve. If the reserve burns out before spring, they will wake up and look for food. This is the most likely scenario when bats enter a living space during this time period. An inspection is required to determine whether a colony of bats are in your home or not. 

Reasons to Work With Us

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Looking for Answers?

Check out our most frequently asked questions!
  • What is our service area?
    Our current service area is Tompkins County. We do travel outside of Tompkins county for exclusion type jobs were one way doors can be used. We do not offer trapping services outside Tompkins County.
  • Does Wildlife Resolutions deal with mice?
    Yes. Wildlife Resolutions offers several different options with controlling mice; we trap, do exclusion work and offer an ongoing bait station program.
  • What’s the average cost for bat exclusion?
    This answer is very complicated. The cost of all exclusion is based upon the amount of work. We’ve had some bat jobs at $400 and other much higher. On average most bat jobs fall between $2,500 and $4,500.
  • Does Wildlife Resolutions handle insect pests?
    We do. Currently we offer Spider, Ant, fly, cockroach, and stinging insect control. We are not offering bed bug control at this time.
  • What if I get a new roof?
    We can arrange a time to come back and check our work after the roofers are finished. If we has previously installed metal guards in soffit areas or on the ridge vent, we can remove these before the roof work is done so that they can be reinstalled once the new roof is on. This is only feasible if the new roof is the same design and material as the roof we worked on.
More Common Questions

Did You Wake Up to a Bat Flying Around Home? Do You Know What to Do Next? 

Often times, we are called to a residence because a bat is flying around the living space. When this happens, it is important to stay calm. 

Before opening a window/door, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Was anyone asleep? 
  • Was anyone inebriated or impaired? 
  • Is there an infant or child in the house? 

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, DO NOT LET THE BAT OUT OF THE HOUSE. Instead, follow these instructions:

  • If possible, contain the bat into a room and place a towel under the door. 
  • If you are capable, capture the bat and submit it for rabies testing. 
  • If you are not capable, call a professional to have the bat removed.

Are You Hearing Chirping/Squeaking Noises in Your Wall? 

We are often called to residences due to an unusual sound coming from a wall or ceiling. These sounds could be many things. A thorough assessment of your home would be required to identify the culprit.

How to Capture a Bat

Keep an eye on the bat and watch where it lands. Once the bat has landed, use a bite-proof container (Tupperware works well) to cover the bat. Now that the bat is covered, slide a ridged piece of cardboard or something similar under the container, and tape the container shut to keep the bat contained. Then, contact your local health department for guidance on submitting the bat for rabies testing. 

For an inspection of unusual conditions in your home or our Ithaca bat control services, contact Wildlife Resolutions at (607) 354-3008.

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