Pigeon & Bird Removal Services in Ithaca

Safe & Humane Bird Trapping Services in Tompkins County

Whether you've got a bird roosting in your garage or building a nest in your attic, Wildlife Resolutions is your local source for humane bird control. Birds make a mess with their droppings and can also spread disease, making prompt removal a priority.

In business since 2014, our locally owned business can easily take care of pigeons, sparrows, starlings, and other birds that are causing a problem at your home. We also provide exclusion services to keep them from re-entering and will repair any holes or damage caused by the birds.

Professional Bird Removal from Wildlife Resolutions 

Since 2014, Wildlife Resolutions has helped families and businesses with their bird removal needs. We offer high quality, humane pigeon and other bird removal services in Ithaca for both residential and commercial properties. If you are struggling to deal with birds invading your space, give our team a call! Emergency services are available. With Wildlife Resolutions, your animal problems will become a thing of the past. 

To get started with our team today, please call (607) 354-3008 or contact us online for our professional bird removal services.

How We Can Remove Birds Your Property 

There are too many species of birds to name. In general, birds are relatively harmless. However, their habitats can sometimes overlap with your property, which can cause a nuisance at best, or real problems at worst. Birds can cause damage to your property if the correct measures are not taken. 

Wildlife Resolutions offers a comprehensive approach to our pigeon and other bird removal services in Ithaca:

  • Preliminary inspection of your property to assess your bird problem
  • Trapping and removal of live birds from your property 
  • Installation of bird deterrent devices and exclusion barriers
  • Damage repairs 

Ultimately, our goal is to safely and humanely remove birds from your property, while also taking measures to ensure that they do not come back. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to help you deal with your bird problems fast. 

Birds can make themselves at home in surprising places in your property. For example, birds can make their nests in your vents, gutters, attics, and even inside of your walls. You may hear scratching or chirping coming from these areas. They may also cause a mess with droppings and nesting materials. This is a good indication that professional help is needed. 

We can help you install bird deterrent or exclusion systems that can protect you from birds calling your property home. From netting to spikes, we have a variety of solutions that can keep birds at bay. We will help you keep these unwanted guests away, season after season. 

Reasons to Work With Us

  • Flat Rate Assessments
  • Warranty on Repair Work
  • 24hr. Services Available
  • Customer Care Focused
  • Highly Experienced & Educated
  • We're Thorough & Precise

Looking for Answers?

Check out our most frequently asked questions!
  • What is our service area?
    Our current service area is Tompkins County. We do travel outside of Tompkins county for exclusion type jobs were one way doors can be used. We do not offer trapping services outside Tompkins County.
  • Does Wildlife Resolutions deal with mice?
    Yes. Wildlife Resolutions offers several different options with controlling mice; we trap, do exclusion work and offer an ongoing bait station program.
  • What’s the average cost for bat exclusion?
    This answer is very complicated. The cost of all exclusion is based upon the amount of work. We’ve had some bat jobs at $400 and other much higher. On average most bat jobs fall between $2,500 and $4,500.
  • Does Wildlife Resolutions handle insect pests?
    We do. Currently we offer Spider, Ant, fly, cockroach, and stinging insect control. We are not offering bed bug control at this time.
  • What if I get a new roof?
    We can arrange a time to come back and check our work after the roofers are finished. If we has previously installed metal guards in soffit areas or on the ridge vent, we can remove these before the roof work is done so that they can be reinstalled once the new roof is on. This is only feasible if the new roof is the same design and material as the roof we worked on.
More Common Questions
  • I tried Wildlife Resolutions and it was like night and day!

    "You can rely on them to take care of any problem with wildlife promptly and thoroughly."

    - Judith B.
  • I found them to be friendly, open to answering all of my questions and well-informed.

    "They were helpful and communicative throughout the process. And Successful!"

    - Dakota R.
  • I would highly recommend them.

    "This remediation company is extremely knowledgeable and professional."

    - David L.
  • The inspection was very carefully done

    "Good advice on pest control throughout the visit."

    - Carl H.
  • Ever since I've had no further issues with bats.

    "I highly recommend this business to anyone seeking bat exclusion services."

    - Brian D.

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