• Most Common Asked Questions

    • What is our service area?
      Our current service area is Tompkins County. We do travel outside of Tompkins county for exclusion type jobs were one way doors can be used. We do not offer trapping services outside Tompkins County.
    • Does Wildlife Resolutions deal with mice?
      Yes. Wildlife Resolutions offers several different options with controlling mice; we trap, do exclusion work and offer an ongoing bait station program.
    • What’s the average cost for bat exclusion?
      This answer is very complicated. The cost of all exclusion is based upon the amount of work. We’ve had some bat jobs at $400 and other much higher. On average most bat jobs fall between $2,500 and $4,500.
    • Does Wildlife Resolutions handle insect pests?
      We do. Currently we offer Spider, Ant, fly, cockroach, and stinging insect control. We are not offering bed bug control at this time.
    • What if I get a new roof?
      We can arrange a time to come back and check our work after the roofers are finished. If we has previously installed metal guards in soffit areas or on the ridge vent, we can remove these before the roof work is done so that they can be reinstalled once the new roof is on. This is only feasible if the new roof is the same design and material as the roof we worked on.
    • If I decide to go with a trapping program instead of exclusion, will animal just come back?
      It is likely that eventually other animals will take up residence in burrows or holes that have not been repaired. In some cases, it could be a matter of days. In others several months/years.
    • If I choose to go with non-lethal one-way doors, will the animals just come back?
      This answer is rather complicated. Each species of animals we work with have varying tendencies as well as individual tendencies among like animals. As a general rule, most animals respond to one way doors the same. The animal will exit the building through the door and cannot gain access back inside through this location. Some animals respond positively and other do not. Red Squirrels, Flying Squirrels, and the occasional Gray squirrel do not like one way doors. These species tend to chew another hole back into your home. With persistence and diligence, one way doors eventually will work. This generally is very time consuming and costly. One-way doors for Mice & rat do not work.
    • Can a wild animal be Relocated?
      A wild animal can be relocated from a house or building to the outdoors if it is released on the same property. Removing an animal from a property to another property would be considered “Translocation” and is illegal in New York State.
    • What happens to the animals once they are trapped?
      Wildlife Resolutions does not translocate wildlife for several reasons. By law, animals like raccoons and skunks must be euthanized if they are removed from your property.
    • Is Wildlife Resolutions the same thing as animal control?
      No. Wildlife Resolutions is a wildlife control company that navigated the relationship between humans and wild animals. Animal control deals with domestic or feral animals. Tompkins County Animal Control: (607)592-6773
    • What about dogs, cats, and other domestic animals?
      No. Domestic and Ferral animals are protected by Ag & Markets. Wildlife Resolutions is not licensed to handle complaints about stray or barking dogs, cats in trees or sick or mistreated livestock. These types of issues should be directed to the Tompkins County SPCA.
    • I found an injured or juvenile animal. Will Wildlife Resolutions rescue them?
      No. Wildlife Resolutions is not a NYS licensed rehab facility. There are several licensed wildlife rehabbers in the area. The NYS DEC website has a list of rehabbers by county. Some good local options would be… Swanson Wildlife Clinic at Cornell University- 607-253-3060 Wild Things Sanctuary- 607-200-4100 Wildlife Wishing Well- 607-277-1547