Wildlife Resolutions, Inc.

Wildlife Resolutions is a full service nuisance wildlife control company, offering a complete solution to your nuisance wildlife problem. We deal with human-wildlife conflicts, ranging from squirrels to large bat infestations and anything in between.

​You have a problem with wildlife, we have a solution!

Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator

Fully Licensed and Insured

Wildlife Resolutions is currently serving the Finger Lake Region of Central New York. 

No matter what your problem, we can help you with all of your Nuisance Wildlife & Animal Control needs. 

You have a problem with Wildlife, We Have a Solution!

Pest Control Services Include but are not limited to:

  • Complete Bat Proofing
  • Squirrel Removal/Exclusion
  • Woodchuck Removal
  • Beaver Management
    • Water Control Structure Installation
  • Bird Removal/Exclusion (Pigeon, Starlings, Geese, etc.)
  • All Nuisance Wildlife Removal
  • Wildlife Exclusion